HELLO HOLLY – the podcast about interior, trends and friends

HELLO HOLLY – the podcast about interior, trends and friends

The podcast about interior, trends and friends

Peter Fehrentz, one of Germany's most talented visionaries on interior and inspiration

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Peter Fehrentz (https://www.peterfehrentz.de) is one of Germany’s most talented visionaries when it comes to interiors. Yet, he’s a gentle giant in his field, a bit of a behind-the-scenes genius, his work is all around but you may not recognize his face if you pass him on the street. Peter isn’t obsessed with fame or becoming a face, he is actually obsessed with beauty, harmony and in creating interior “worlds”. In my eyes, he’s a real powerhouse of creativity as a multidisciplinary designer for over 20 years. He designs residential and commercial spaces, concepts for catalogs, and produces regular features in Germany’s #1 interiors magazine, Schöner Wohnen. He also designs furniture for brands like Luiz, MORE and Grüne Erde, and recently launched his own ecological clay-based paint brand called Nen.do. Peter also photographs his own stories and work for clients, and he is the Author of, “Made By Yourself”.

In this podcast, Peter talks about his work and life, what he has learned along the way, how he dives into a project, what drives him and where he finds inspiration – including his most recently one-month long trip to Japan with his Fashion Designer husband, Dirk. Peter is a lot of things to me - kind, talented, balanced, intelligent and a fantastic source of inspiration which is why I’m so happy to share our conversation in this podcast.

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About this podcast

In the second season of HELLO HOLLY, Holly has decided to take a more personal approach. Instead of interviews with lots of voices and guests from many design disciples and backgrounds, she has decided to hone in on the topic in which we are all unanimously so passionate about improving: OUR HOME.
In Season 2, 8 decorating topics that range organization to decorating on budget and how to find your style will be covered. She'll add 4 bonus podcasts to this season where she'll bring an expert guest on her show to teach you something in a very targeted area, like plant care and selection. We can’t wait to see what you think about Season 2 because we're so happy to experiment with the new format. Please subscribe HELLO HOLLY and tell all of your friends if you find the podcast as inspiring and helpful as we hope. If you have a decorating question that you’d like for Holly to answer in this season, please write to Holly personally at: holly@livingathome.de or holly@decor8blog.com and she’ll try to answer you by name in an upcoming podcast. Thank you for tuning in to HELLO HOLLY!

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by Holly Becker, HOLLY magazine & Audio Alliance


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