HELLO HOLLY – the podcast about interior, trends and friends

HELLO HOLLY – the podcast about interior, trends and friends

The podcast about interior, trends and friends

Annika Isterling talks about how to bring peace and harmony to your home for 2020

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Annika Isterling began her career as a model and in 2005, decided to go to India for Ashtanga Teacher Training, which changed her life. From that point on, yoga and meditation have been part of her daily life and for the past 15 years, she transformed her life and herself from a yoga student to a yoga master. Today, she leads workshops around the world, is the Author of two books ("Wohlsein: Yoga-Retreats für zu Hause" and "Ankommen: Deine Yogapraxis für zu Hause"), and a teacher on yogaeasy.de. She is also a regular contributor to Emotion Slow magazine and is teaching at Damn Good Yoga in Hamburg where she is based. Annika also has yoga videos by Brigitte magazine, and still works as a model after 20 years in the industry. She’s a single mom to two children yet still manages to maintain balance, inner peace and loves to share all that she’s learned with others.

In this podcast, Annika talks about how to bring peace and harmony to the home for the new year, why the home is an important space, the way color can affect mood, the importance of creating a sacred space where you can take care of yourself to relax and unwind and so much more. Annika has many personal and beautiful lessons to teach us, so I hope that you enjoy meeting my special friend through this podcast.

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About this podcast

In the second season of HELLO HOLLY, Holly has decided to take a more personal approach. Instead of interviews with lots of voices and guests from many design disciples and backgrounds, she has decided to hone in on the topic in which we are all unanimously so passionate about improving: OUR HOME.
In Season 2, 8 decorating topics that range organization to decorating on budget and how to find your style will be covered. She'll add 4 bonus podcasts to this season where she'll bring an expert guest on her show to teach you something in a very targeted area, like plant care and selection. We can’t wait to see what you think about Season 2 because we're so happy to experiment with the new format. Please subscribe HELLO HOLLY and tell all of your friends if you find the podcast as inspiring and helpful as we hope. If you have a decorating question that you’d like for Holly to answer in this season, please write to Holly personally at: holly@livingathome.de or holly@decor8blog.com and she’ll try to answer you by name in an upcoming podcast. Thank you for tuning in to HELLO HOLLY!

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by Holly Becker, HOLLY magazine & Audio Alliance


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