HELLO HOLLY – the podcast about interior, trends and friends

HELLO HOLLY – the podcast about interior, trends and friends

The podcast about interior, trends and friends

Top Interior Trends For 2020 And How To Bring Them To Your Home

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Let’s talk about trends! In this episode of HELLO HOLLY, Holly will discuss 6 key interior trends for Spring/Summer 2020 and how to bring them home to freshen up your space and give you a chance to get creative and have fun. Whether you paint your ceiling or mix in some new vases from an Etsy seller, Holly will teach you some ways to mix in trends that cover all budgets.

Some ideas will bring the trend to your home in a big way, other ideas are more understated and simple. This podcast will give you some new ideas and perspectives and help fuel your creative energy.

If you have trends you’ve also seen that she hasn't covered, please share them on your Instagram Stories and tag @decor8 and @hollymagazin so she can reshare your thoughts with the audience.

Enjoy today’s episode and she'll see you again in two weeks with another interior topic to make you think more about your home and how learn to enjoy and love it even more.


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About this podcast

In the second season of HELLO HOLLY, Holly has decided to take a more personal approach. Instead of interviews with lots of voices and guests from many design disciples and backgrounds, she has decided to hone in on the topic in which we are all unanimously so passionate about improving: OUR HOME.
In Season 2, 8 decorating topics that range organization to decorating on budget and how to find your style will be covered. She'll add 4 bonus podcasts to this season where she'll bring an expert guest on her show to teach you something in a very targeted area, like plant care and selection. We can’t wait to see what you think about Season 2 because we're so happy to experiment with the new format. Please subscribe HELLO HOLLY and tell all of your friends if you find the podcast as inspiring and helpful as we hope. If you have a decorating question that you’d like for Holly to answer in this season, please write to Holly personally at: holly@livingathome.de or holly@decor8blog.com and she’ll try to answer you by name in an upcoming podcast. Thank you for tuning in to HELLO HOLLY!

To learn more please visit decor8blog.com / @decor8 or @hollymagazin

by Holly Becker, HOLLY magazine & Audio Alliance


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